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Advisory Service

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As part of our Advisory Services, for businesses, we provide services in:

  • Capital/Financial Restructuring
  • Asset/Liability management
  • Support in planning, registering and operations for startup companies


Private Placement Services
As part of our Private Placement Services, we:

  • Advice on regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Structure and design the instrument(s) along with their valuations
  • Draft the necessary resolutions and shareholders agreements/documents
  • Identify the prospective investors
  • Negotiate the terms of investments


Mergers and acquisitions

As part of our Mergers & Acquisitions services, we:

  • Undertake the responsibility of an advisor to assist you to negotiate sales and divestitures, mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, takeovers defenses, and fairness opinions and valuations.
  • Manage the ownership transfer process
  • Assist in the post merger planning and organization development activities